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Who We Are

We are Pike Fire Just Cause, a 501(c)3, not for profit organization.  Our mission is to assist current and/or retired members of Pike Township Fire Department by building funds made available to assist member's during specific tragedy or significant life events.  We started Pike Fire Just Cause because WE CARE.  When our brothers and sisters have nowhere to turn, we WILL be there for them. 

How We're Helping

This charity has been established to assist current and/or retired members of the Pike Township Fire Department, along with widows of current and retired member's, by conducting various types of fundraisers.

How To Help

It is a goal of Pike Fire Just Cause to always have enough money available to immediately provide support to our firefighters and their families in their time of need.  Our monies raised are supported through fundraising events and donations.  To achieve that goal, we're looking for local businesses, corporate sponsors, and individuals to help defray the cost of our fundraising events.  please help us support our firefighters' families in their time of need.

Upcoming Events

Reverse Raffle 2018

We will be releasing the date for the 2018 Reverse Raffle within the upcoming months


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